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  • Image of Anthrobscene

1 x Anthrobscene - Inc 12 Page Booklet

1. Prelude
2. Dark Desires
3. Broken Matrix
4. Enemies Within
5. Intermission
6. Apotheosis - Rebirth
7. Blood Under The Bridge
8. An Ode to Armageddon

Reviews -

“Apocalyptic lyrics and mechanical atmospheres… Deified are an intriguing prospect that is now beginning to unfurl”
7/10⭐Metal Hammer

“Brutal, expressive and undeniably heavy, DEIFIED have put out their best work to date!"
8/10⭐Distorted Sound Magazine

"A masterclass in brutality!"

"Deified have created an album that is sharp, tight and takes us through the issues we, as humanity, face and have long taken advantage of!"
10/10⭐Ever Metal

“Anthrobscene” is a great slab of exhilarating metal that is as inventive in places as it is rich in detail and potential...and the album artwork looks fabulous too!"
5/6⭐Eternal Terror Live

"‘Anthrobscene’ is a remarkable piece of work, and serves to show just how far Deified have come since their early offerings, improving and perfecting their sound rather than settle for bland regurgitation. Brutal, uncompromising and utterly essential!”
9/10⭐Phoenix Rising

"Incredibly apt timing... hard hitting, philosophical metal... this is a band well worth checking out!"
4/5⭐RAMzine Magazine

"Deified are definitely a band worth looking out for!"
9/10⭐Metallum Sub Terra

"Deified have produced a great piece of underground UK Metal... Every song on the album is beautiful!"
9/10⭐Musipedia Of Metal

"Progressive, atmospheric, infectious... a fantastic EP!"
8/10⭐AC Rock Reviews

"A palpable classic album wrapped in a futuristic context!"
8/10⭐Necromance Magazine

"This is the sort of heavyweight release that turns heads!"

"A heavy weight breakdown of sheer class... The new chapter for Deified begins in 2020!"
7.5/10⭐Metal Noise

"Anthrobscene is high intensity and punishing audible experience that may leave you with a few things to think about, however, one thing you won’t need to think about, is whether to press play again!"
8/10⭐Rock N' Load

"Deified has the potential to breathe new life into the groove metal genre!"

"Deified are successful at combining two genres in an interesting and effective manner!"
3.5/5⭐Heavy Music HQ

“If you’re a longtime ardent fan of groove metal or someone new to the genre it will be everything you want and more!”
7/10⭐Invicta Magazine

"For anyone who has an affinity for heavy, loud, and fast then one cannot stray too far from DEIFIED without taking notice!"
8/10⭐Metal Temple

"This is a great album with big songs. Any metalhead should have this on their player!"
4/5⭐Therapy Through A Lense

"‘Anthrobscene’ is a truly visceral declaration. A hugely impressive offering on every level!"
- Uber Rock

“Deified have hit hard with ‘Anthrobscene’. It’s a concise and gripping record!”
- Heavy Magazine

"This is the strongest release by Deified so far and is well worth your time if you enjoy extreme music that doesn’t fit into a box!"
- The Razor's Edge

"This is an instantly emotive release!" (Grade A+)
- Slow Dragon Music

"Deified deserves to be recognised and go onto great things for this release. I will be playing this for a long time to come!" (100%)
- 195 Metal Cds

""An electrifying display of modern metal music... it’s impressive how dynamic, versatile and meaningful Deified are!"
- The Headbanging Moose

""OUTSTANDING!... if you want something new and unique, while keeping it dark, extreme & brutal with an innovative sonic landscape, this monster is undoubtedly for you!"
- Metal 1on1

""Deified are rapidly becoming one of UK metal’s most colossal groove metal acts! This year looks set to see their stock rise several notches with forthcoming EP Anthrobscene!"
- Getintothis